what to consider when recruiting in your Finance & HR function

A company is only as good as its people. It doesn’t matter what sector or industry your company is in, you need to have the right employees if you are to thrive.

So, when it comes to recruiting for your finance and HR departments, it’s absolutely crucial that you attract the correct candidates, and end up hiring the people that will be able to not only match the role’s expectations but exceed them.

So what exactly should you be looking for when hiring finance and HR employees?


Of course, this should be an attribute you look for in any potential future hire, but it is paramount when it comes to Finance employees. Integrity and honesty are critical, and their importance should never be overlooked. And this goes for more than simply finding someone who won’t put their fingers in the till; it also means finding an employee that won’t manipulate the figures just to appease the board, and understands the true value of reporting facts, be they good or bad.


The ability to be discreet is crucial in both the finance and the HR departments. When it comes to Finance, you need someone who will be guarded and prudent; there is nothing to be gained by having an employee that can’t keep quiet when it comes to the company’s financial situation.

And with HR, it is perhaps even more essential that discretion be core to the individual’s character. The HR department is designed to allow employees to air their grievances and discuss personal matters, so it is absolutely essential that they remain impartial and unobtrusive.


This is perhaps more essential for HR employees than it is for those working in finance. The role of HR is to deal with the gripes and complaints of staff, as well as directing and coordinating all manner of admin and training elements. This means that not only must they be good at listening, but they need to be patient and understanding.


This is critical in every role within any company, but it is still worth highlighting its importance. Without quality communications it is almost impossible to run a company well; decisions will be difficult to implement, and some people may end up feeling out of the loop.

Remember, all information and data is only truly valuable if it can be adequately understood and then acted upon. It can be quite easy to overlook the importance of communications when hiring for these two particular roles, but always keep them in mind.

Ideas and creativity

Creativity may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering HR and finance, but if you can find a candidate that has innovative ways of performing tasks and is willing to embrace new technologies and approaches, so much the better.


Disagree with our points or have more to add we’d love to hear from you.



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