how to write the perfect accountancy cover letter

The accountancy industry in Essex and London is flooded with unique talent and wise professionals. Due to this, it may seem daunting to some accountancy professionals to begin the hunt for a new accountancy role.

After researching available roles, many people just apply for roles by submitting the same CV and cover letter online. Unfortunately, the fastest method is not always the best method, and failing to customise employment applications is the primary reason that so many people in the accountancy industry are missing out on progressing to the interview stage when applying for their dream jobs.

The accountancy industry is often a numbers game, and CVs often reflect numbers experience. Despite this, an applicant should not underestimate the power a great accountancy cover letter has if written well.

There are several things that all applicants should consider when writing the perfect accountancy cover letter.

1. Key points

Many cover letters simply replicate what is already documented in a CV, which is a wasted opportunity to include extra information that is specifically tailored to a role. Not only does a cover letter amplify ones writing style, but it also presents the opportunity to provide persuasive language that emphasises the applicant’s key skills and attributes, while reflecting the candidate’s personality.

2. The format

The format of a cover letter is just as important as a CV’s layout. A cover letter should not exceed one page and should never be over 4 paragraphs in length, Common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are well received, and the type size should be between 10-12. If the format is basic and straight forward, there is nothing wrong with emphasising key phrases, attributes or experience by using bold or even italics.

3. Inclusions

A cover letter should be considered as the opportunity to create a great first impression, so it should always begin with a formal and friendly introduction. A cover letter should also always include experience and skills which show how beneficial a candidate is to the specific organisation or role they are applying for.

A recruiter often sifts through multitudes of repetitive cover letters and applications, so it is important to make the first impression stand out amongst the crowd. For the application novice, excellent recruitment agencies that specialise in accountancy recruitment such as Whitelist Talent, have specialised experts who are available to assist with accountancy job applications, whilst providing expert guidance throughout every step of securing that dream role.

how to write the perfect accountancy cover letter

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